ISGUS and the path » to more sustainability

Whether in our personal lives or in the business world, climate change and the importance of sustainability are omnipresent. More and more companies are adding sustainable aspects to their strategies and setting long-term goals in various areas. ISGUS GmbH is also committed to the fight against climate change and the promotion of sustainability principles.

For ISGUS GmbH, sustainability means that we are careful in our use of raw materials, energy and other treasures of the earth. We want to act as a pioneer by taking a step in the right direction every day.

  • In order to reduce our ecological footprint, we have completely stopped printing our brochures and magazines on paper. Our brochures can be conveniently downloaded as PDF files from anywhere – a clear gain in terms of convenience for our customers. In this way, we have not only reduced our paper consumption, but also the emissions caused by transporting our brochures to the different locations of our distribution centres. The decision to fully digitise our media was an important step towards eliminating the printing of thousands of brochures and acting more sustainably.
  • Our ISGUS IMPULS Digital brochures and acting more sustainably. Our ISGUS IMPULS Digital webinar series minimises CO2 emissions of our participants and saves our own employees long journeys. As our events are supported by employees from different branches, considerable travel distances would be required, which would cause vast amounts of exhaust fumes. Our participants can connect from anywhere, no matter where they are in Germany.
  • By installing a photovoltaic system, ISGUS demonstrates its strong commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The system uses solar energy to generate clean and renewable energy. This not only reduces our ecological footprint, but also helps to minimise the consumption of fossil fuels.

ZEUS® Workforce Management for more sustainability:

But we are not the only ones doing something for the environment. Every single one of our customers has also taken another step towards sustainability with ZEUS® Workforce Management. Not only does our solution put an end to the paperwork for recording working hours, but holiday requests can also be handled easily and directly in our solution - and without paper. However, these are just one of the few workflow requests you can make digitally. Also, by using our cloud solution, you can save resources that you would have to purchase with an on premise solution. This is also a way to save on the expenditure of resources.

ZEUS® also enables easy retrieval of the electronic certificate of incapacity for work (eAu). This puts an end to yellow slips of paper from the doctor - everything is possible digitally. ZEUS® is thus a system-tested solution and enables employers to easily retrieve the eAU directly from the SHI. ISGUS is listed as a certified manufacturer in the GKV directory and has been since January 2023. As an employer, you have the option of conveniently retrieving the sick notes of your employees. As soon as the call is made, the sick leave data is automatically transferred from ZEUS® into the system. You not only save yourself a lot of work, but also paperwork.

But not only our ZEUS® solution is sustainable - our terminals also contribute to the conservation of resources. Due to the proximity of our suppliers, the resources of the hardware are procured via short transport routes. In this way, we not only support manufacturers in the region, but also reduce the emissions that would result from long transport routes. Our purchasing department always strives to use suppliers in the vicinity, if this is possible. In the production of our terminals, we not only pay attention to the proximity of the suppliers - the production takes place locally in Schwenningen. With the Made in Germany seal, our hardware products are characterised by high quality and sustainability. Another advantage: ISGUS hardware components can be associated with Green IT. This means that our terminals can reduce power consumption by up to 70% through an intelligent and controllable energy-saving mode. In this way, you as an ISGUS customer not only contribute to environmental protection, but also save costs - a win-win situation.