<strong>Electronic certificate of incapacity to work is compulsory</br> » What applies from now on?</strong>

Electronic certificate of incapacity to work is compulsory
» What applies from now on?

Sickness notifications will be available in digital form from January 2023. This is a legal requirement introduced with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the sickness notification process.

For employees, this means that they no longer have to submit their sickness notifications in paper form. Instead, it is sufficient for them to inform their employer of the illness. This can be done either by telephone or by e-mail. Once the employer has received the message, the sick note is automatically transmitted to the central server in digital form.

The introduction of a digital incapacity certificate system in connection with ZEUS® Workforce Management is an important step for any company looking for an efficient and transparent way to manage its employee conditions. As the interface between employees and sickness absence management, ZEUS® Workforce Managment from ISGUS enables quick and easy processing of incapacity certificates.


Software as a Service is an option for outsourcing your time recording and offers you continuous software maintenance in addition to the in-house data centre.

As an ISGUS SaaS customer, you always use the latest technology and benefit from improving your cost structure.

Other modules such as staff scheduling or access control are, of course, also available in the ISGUS Cloud in addition to time recording.

In addition, the ISGUS data centre is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

With ZEUS® Workforce Management - digital and simple: