Create duty and shift plans efficiently – ZEUS® Staff Scheduling

Create duty and shift plans efficiently – ZEUS® Staff Scheduling

Todays Staff Scheduling – digital, easy & anywhere

Employees are a company's most important asset

This applies to Manufacturing, Healthcare, Services, the Public Sector and other industries. Availability and the skillset of employees are critical to a company's success. However, experience tells us that in practice it is difficult to fulfil this requirement simply and effectively, without an enormous amount of time and effort.

Forward planning, defined by workload, is not always easy, especially when unforeseen changes occur. Overtime and temporary workers are often the answer to rising staffing needs, whilst at low capacity levels, staffing and costs remain high. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling supports you with optimal planning, ensuring you have essential staffing levels, with the necessary qualifications, on site when you need them.

Knowing the significant demand factors will help you to identify your optimum staffing requirement! This is only the first step: maintaining the correct staffing levels, skillsets, cost factors and planning future demand situations is a complex task. Our experienced consultants will be pleased to recommend the best possible solution to meet your needs. In accordance with your individual business requirements, we can plan and carry out a specifically tailored concept that provides the basic ingredients essential for ZEUS® Staff Scheduling - to be implemented fulfilling your needs.

Minimum planning effort through shift offer and digital shift swap

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling makes the planning process more efficient. If a shortage occurs, eligible employees are selected and notified directly via the integrated messanger at the ISGUS terminal, in the ZEUS® mailbox, and by mobile phone via email and push message. Subsequently, these employees are able to answer interactively by means of accepting or rejecting the suggested shift. The digital shift swap allows employees to exchange shifts using the same communication channels as the shift offer.

Modular structure

Extend and enhance your ZEUS® Staff Scheduling at any time with the following modules:

The ZEUS® solution is tailored to your individual needs.

Enable your employees to do their leave planning conveniently and easily with Workforce Management from ISGUS - See for yourself:


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