The ISGUS App </br> Your smart companion for time recording

Your smart companion for time recording

Work innovatively: Record working and project times conveniently anytime and everywhere – ZEUS® mobile

Flexibility, mobility, efficiency

ZEUS® mobile is a flexible application for T&A and Data Collection for smartphones and tablets. ZEUS® mobile is available for iOS starting from version 14, Android starting from version 11 and for MS Windows starting from version 10. It can be downloaded, free of charge, from the respective app stores.


Revolutionize your time management with ZEUS® mobile! Our app enables mobile recording of working and project times directly at their point of origin.

Digital versatility – anywhere and anytime

With our app, you have full control. Create requests for workflow updates, absences and business trips and approve them conveniently via your smartphone. You always have access to important information on planned staff deployment and current staff presence in your area of responsibility.

And never miss important notifications again! Each time an automated message is generated by ZEUS®, a push notification is instantly sent to your smartphone or tablet.

Record working times and capture productive times directly at their point of origin. Easily submit or approve workflow requests, check the up-to-date presence indication and view the planned staff deployment, no matter where you are. The same applies to the shift swap function which is equally available for mobile use.

New App – new design

The latest update to ZEUS® mobile comes with exciting changes that will enhance your user experience even further. Thanks to the refreshed design in three different variants, among them the ISGUS design, blue and dark mode, you can customize your working environment  to suit your personal preferences. Login has been simplified and is now conveniently possible via a QR code, similar to ZEUS® SmartID. In addition, a fully-fledged Microsoft App for Windows PCs is now available to use ZEUS® mobile in its full functionality.

With ZEUS® mobile your Workforce Management is always in your hand!


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ZEUS® mobile for iOS
ZEUS® mobile for iOS

ZEUS® mobile for Android
ZEUS® mobile for Android

ZEUS® mobile for Microsoft
ZEUS® mobile for Microsoft

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