ISGUS keeps rising energy costs in check with GREEN IT

Everyone is talking about the exorbitant rise in energy costs. Every day we receive new bad news, which causes further uncertainty and forces companies to rethink. Costs must now be analysed very carefully and the right savings measures implemented. Energy consumption must be examined in detail in order to eliminate unnecessary energy guzzlers.

Terminals on economy mode

Countless energy consumers are connected to the power grid in an office building or in production facilities. From coffee machines to large machinery, valuable electricity is constantly flowing. Many devices are only used temporarily and yet the electricity meters are running at full speed. If all these devices were put into sleep mode, a lot of energy could be saved. ISGUS has realised this idea and equipped its Time & Attendance terminals with an energy-saving function. This function is called GREEN IT. It saves a whopping 50% of the energy consumption. If the terminals are not used, they automatically go into energy-saving mode after three minutes. In snooze mode, only a very low power consumption is needed. Only when the terminal is activated via the touch display does the unit return to full power. Especially at night, on weekends or public holidays, the environmentally conscious terminals go dormant for a longer period and reduce consumption to a minimum.

Optimising complex production processes

ISGUS has been working intensively on the optimisation of production processes to reduce costs for years. The complex production processes are often an opaque field in which energy costs quickly shoot up. This makes it all the more important to compare effort and result and, in addition to the general costs, to transparently display the energy consumption. For this purpose, ISGUS has developed the ZEUS® Production Data Capture software. The programme is based on many years of experience and a high level of expertise. With ZEUS® Production Data Capture, large amounts of data are collected and linked to complex correlations. The more precise the data, the more transparent costs and services become. Quantities, time units and quality are the clocks that are individually adjusted to each production process.

High energy costs will burden private households and companies even more in the future. A rethink is emerging to keep energy consumption in check. Every kilowatt hour counts. This is where intelligent solutions like those from ISGUS play into companies' hands.