Made in Germany - Everything from one source - Everything according to the highest quality standards

ISGUS remains true to its promise of quality and offers its customers a very wide range of products and solutions. Terminals for time and attendance, PDC and POI come from ISGUS hardware development and production department. Likewise, access readers and access control centers (ZKZs), as well as a variety of components and controls that enable the implementation of individual security concepts. ISGUS has set itself the goal of meeting the high demands placed on the hardware in terms of durability, security and reliability. The devices must adapt to the respective environment in terms of appearance and function and withstand harsh production environments just as much as an outdoor access reader.

The ISGUS software with the ZEUS® Workforce Management for Time and Attendance, Staff Scheduling and PDC, as well as intelligent apps for smartphones, are designed, developed and tested at the company headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen. With the ZEUS® software solutions, the focus is clearly on customer expectations of the latest technologies, performance, digital added value, usability, user experience and data security.

More than half of the new customers are currently opting for the ISGUS Cloud. You use the ZEUS® solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the ISGUS data center at the company headquarters. More than 500,000 time calculations are currently being created there every month, which impressively describes the quality and stability of the ISGUS software. But the ISO 27001-certified data center itself is also regularly audited and expanded.