What does <strong>active security</strong>  around your company look like with the <strong>ZEUS® Security Monitor</strong>?

What does active security around your company look like with the ZEUS® Security Monitor?

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With ZEUS® Workforce Management, you get a range of modules that provide companies and administrations with sustainable support for digitalisation in the HR area. The modules for time management, staff scheduling, shop floor data collection and corporate security can be flexibly and modularly adapted to the needs of a wide range of corporate divisions.


ZEUS® Access Control
Security concepts for building, visitor and employee management through access control. Corporate security starts at the door...

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ZEUS® keyless
Modern electronic locking systems for commercial and public areas. Access to different areas is individually programmable...

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VISIT Visitor Management
Intelligent visitor management for your company - VISIT. Your benefit of professional visitor management...

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ZEUS® Security Monitor
Security around your company with the security monitor. The ZEUS® security monitor as a supplement for access control...

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Workforce Management
time & attendance time & labour access control staff scheduling

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