Modern electronic locking solutions for the<br /> commercial and public sector

Modern electronic locking solutions for the
commercial and public sector

Access to different areas is individually programmable

Digital Locking Solution

The digital locking solution, ZEUS® keyless, makes it possible to control and operate electronic locks and door handles. Both components are operated with the same badges or keyfobs used for the ISGUS Time & Attendance terminals or access readers. Access authorisations are checked via wireless network (Access point) and / or transferred on badges / keyfobs by means of the time recording terminal IT 8200 or online access readers. Authorisations are updated automatically with each booking (Access-on-Card).

Electronic Locking System

The electronic locking system from ISGUS can be installed on all doors, lockers, furniture locks, fire doors or barrier-free access doors without any structural changes. With ZEUS® keyless, every event can be documented and evaluated. In the past, a variety of mechanical keys were used, resulting in security risks and high costs for the replacement of the entire locking system in case of loss. Today, if a badge or keyfob is lost, you are able to react within seconds and immediately suspend the authorisation of this transponder. Thus, your safety is guaranteed at all times.

Modular structure

Extend and enhance your ZEUS® locking solution any time with the following modules:

The ZEUS® solution is aligned to your individual needs and can be extended by a visitor management ( at any time.

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Time & Attendance

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SAP Communication

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