<strong>Innovative solutions</strong> » Modern <strong>municipalities rely on ISGUS</strong>

Innovative solutions » Modern municipalities rely on ISGUS

The world around us is changing rapidly and modern municipalities know they must keep pace. In this era of digitalisation and efficiency, innovative solutions are crucial to meet the needs of citizens while making the best use of resources. This is where ISGUS comes in.

ISGUS is your partner for modern solutions that help municipalities work more efficiently and closer to their citizens. Our solutions are designed to optimise administrative processes and improve communication. Managing staff and resources can be a real challenge. With our workforce management, work processes are optimised, duty rosters are efficient and working hours are easily recorded. The result? Better use of resources and increased productivity.

The security of municipal buildings and facilities is of paramount importance. ISGUS offers access control solutions that ensure that only authorised persons have access. Our ZEUS® access control protects municipalities from unauthorised access and guarantees the safety of employees and citizens.

Today, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. ISGUS offers environmentally friendly solutions to reduce energy and resource consumption. Modern communities rely on our technologies to become greener and more sustainable. Our terminals excel in GreenIT and promote the reduction of energy costs.

We are proud to support modern municipalities on their way into the future. Our innovative solutions are designed to increase efficiency, improve citizen satisfaction and make municipalities true pioneers in the 21st century. Join the communities that rely on ISGUS and create a better future for your citizens. We are ready to accompany you on this journey.

Time recording in the municipality » design successfully with software solutions from ISGUS

Complexity needs flexibility - in a modern working world, the digital recording of working hours plays an important role. Workforce management is becoming increasingly important, however, flexibility is a foreign word for many systems and therefore hinders municipalities in the efficient design of their work processes...

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Complement our solutions to create a comprehensive workforce management system:


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ZEUS® Access Control
Security concepts for building, visitor and employee management...

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling
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ZEUS® Production Data Capture
ZEUS® Shop Floor Data Collection makes your production data transparent...


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Workforce management is on everyone's lips! - Whether start-up or large corporation, numerous companies rely on digital tools for time and attendance, staff scheduling or production data capture, because modern workforce management sustainably improves effectiveness and productivity. The individual scalability of ZEUS® Workforce Management guarantees long-term corporate success and improves competitiveness.

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