Time Recording in the municipality » sucessfully organised with software solutions from ISGUS

Complexity needs flexibility - in the modern working world, digital recording of working times plays an essential role. Workforce Management gains importance, but flexibility, for many systems, is a foreign word and therefore hinders municipalities in the efficient design of their work processes

The divercity of processes and decisions shapes the everyday working life of numerous municipalities. Therefore, digitisation is a central component for municipalities, creates transparency and relieves the employees. In order to maintain an overview, municipalities rely on digital time recording from ISGUS. The ZEUS® software solution from ISGUS offers objective and reliable time recording and can be used for municipalities of any size. At any time, time recording can be expanded to include Job CostingStaff Scheduling and Access Control to create comprehensive Workforce Management. With the help of ZEUS® Time & Attendance, you can design a highly flexible work organisation, new work scenarios, work in the home office and mobile assignments can be easily planned and controlled. All these functions are available for smartphones and tablets and make time management completely location-independent.

With more than 2,500 installations and projects at federal and state government agencies, municipalities and municipal utilities, our experience and reliability show when it comes to the successful introduction of digital time management.