Efficient <strong>Staff Scheduling</strong> » <strong>Well prepared</strong> for the next </strong><strong>flu wave</strong>

Efficient Staff Scheduling » Well prepared for the next flu wave

You are facing a challenge: autumn is here and with it the flu epidemic. Your employees are being absent in large numbers and the need for personnel is increasing. How can you plan optimally so as not to endanger the success of your company? ZEUS® Staff Scheduling is the answer! Our innovative software solution supports you in planning your personnel deployment and saves you time and costs in order to proactively respond to the challenges of this time.

All relevant factors that need to be taken into account when planning personnel deployment are taken into account in ZEUS® Staff Scheduling. This includes working hours and labor law regulations as well as time accounts and an overview of absences. You can also arrange holiday planning, personnel costs and future requirements with our ZEUS® Staff Scheduling. By taking all of these factors into account, the planning effort is noticeably reduced and at the same time the planning quality is increased.

With ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, you can react quickly and flexibly to increasing personnel requirements without having to use overtime, temporary staff or temporary workers. This not only saves you costs, but also time and resources. Thanks to ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, you always have an overview of current personnel deployment and can react quickly to changes. You avoid overtime and understaffing and thus ensure high employee satisfaction and efficient working methods.

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling also makes it easier to implement measures to prevent and minimize the risk of infection. The option to implement home office or remote work allows employees to do their work without taking increased risks.

At a time when flexibility, efficiency and employee health are of utmost importance, our staff scheduling shows its full potential. Trust in the innovative software solution from ZEUS® and optimize your personnel requirements. Your employees and your company will thank you. With ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, you are well prepared for the challenges of autumn and the flu wave!

Whitepaper for today's Staff Scheduling - digital, simple & from any where

Whitepaper for today's Staff Scheduling - digital, simple & from any where

You are interested in: ZEUS® Staff Scheduling - efficient creation of duty and shift rosters? Learn more about the advantages and the scope of functions of staff scheduling in our whitepaper.

Digital Staff Scheduling: Use the resources personnel and working time more efficient


The advantages of ZEUS® Staff Scheduling

  • Efficient resource planning

  • Flexibility

  • Automation of planning processes

  • More transparency for employees

  • Legal compliance is ensured


Combine our ZEUS® Staff Scheduling

ZEUS® Time and Attendance
Solve all time recording tasks in a time-saving and reliable manner with ZEUS® T&A...

Record your working and project times with the app anytime, anywhere...

Staff Scheduling as a cloud solution
Security and maximum availability in the ISGUS data center...


ZEUS® Staff Scheduling in the flu season

  • Rapid adaptation in the event of staff absences
  • Seamless communication
  • Preventive planning
  • Home office and remote working
  • Real-time data


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