Respond flexibly and quickly to staff shortages » ISGUS enables Staff Scheduling in real time

Employees are the engine of a company. The workers keep the daily operations running and ensure that the needs and wishes of the customers can be translated into realityThe colourful mix of creative minds, practitioners and all-round talents is the key to success. Because it is only through the different qualities, skills and abilities that the cogwheel of the company can keep turning.

The aim of modern Staff Scheduling is that employees are assigned depending on their qualifications, skills and desires. If the Staff Scheduling is carried out by trained employees of the HR department, conclusions can be drawn about the personnel requirements. In fact, there are still companies that stick to the paper roster. The shifts are entered manually by managers or directly by the employees and are anything but professional and clear. In particular, the flexibility with regard to reacting to staff shortages suffers and inhibits the agility of the companyModern and digital Staff Scheduling is a basic requirement for companies and ensures their economic existence.

The digital Staff Scheduling from ISGUS supports you in the efficient creation of rosters and shift plans. This applies to industry, health care, the service sector as well as public service. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling helps you with optimal planning so that you have the necessary staff with the necessary qualifications available when you need them to achieve your goals in terms of service quality, customer orientation and delivery reliability. In addition, digital Staff Scheduling enables simple and convenient leave planning for your employees - with ISGUS at your side, you can react digitally, easily & from anywhere to staff shortages and find an optimal solution!