<strong>Access permitted?</strong> » Intelligent visitor management for your company

Access permitted? » Intelligent visitor management for your company

The combination of ZEUS® access control and VISIT visitor management provides you with an intelligent solution package for your company. No more uncontrolled access and security gaps - you have full control! Our revolutionary system combines access control, visitor management and visitor administration in one product. It has never been easier to maintain an overview and guarantee maximum security at the same time.

Thanks to our innovative access control terminals, access authorisations are checked in no time at all. No more tedious searching for ID cards or guest lists. Security is our top priority. Our system allows you to assign individual access authorisations. This allows you to define exactly who has access and when. Confidential areas remain protected and your employees can work undisturbed.

With ZEUS® access control, you not only create security, but also a modern and professional image for your company. Show your customers and business partners that you always have your finger on the pulse and are committed to the highest standards. Let ZEUS® convince you - experience the future of visitor management! Benefit from unrivalled security and efficiency. Because with ZEUS® you are in control!



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