IT 4211 and IT 4211 FP for Access Control

  • Status display and bookings acknowledgement via LED and acoustic signal
  • Door opening via integrated electronic relay or external door control (Device I/O Master / Slave) in the secured area
  • 2 inputs
  • Anti-tamper alarm device via case contact
  • Connection to terminal IT 8210 or ACM 4050 via network. TCP/IP or UDP possible
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Multi-company feature for up to 10 different companies (IT 4211)
  • Terminals for Access Control with verification or identifcation mode (IT 4211 FP)
  • Two finger templates per person can be used for verification or identification (IT 4211 FP)
  • Combined with ZEUS® biometrics integration into any security concept (IT 4211 FP)
  • Recording of fingerprint data only possible on IT 8210 FP terminal (IT 4211 FP)
  • Numeric keypad for verification or for PIN code entry

IT 4211 Premium Line

with glass front completely in black

ISGUS Terminal IT 4211, IT 4211 FP Data sheet

ISGUS Terminal IT 4211, IT 4211 FP Data sheet
PDF: 222 kB