The ZEUS® security monitor as a supplement for access control

Dangers are immediately localized with the ZEUS® Security Monitor and made visible in real time. If catalogs of measures are stored for certain events, these are set in motion automatically so that the message is in the right place to avert a danger or threat. All conceivable access events and access attempts can be categorized and reactions or actions can be defined for each event type, which are processed automatically when an event occurs.

This can be the mere display of information and measures, but it also includes actively controlling a camera, locking or opening doors or gates. For example, if an object prevents a door from closing properly, the security monitor reports this and notifies certain people by email or push message on their smartphone.

If someone tries to open a roller door on your premises without the appropriate authorization, this event may trigger the following measures: on the one hand, security is informed with a warning signal on the safety monitor. At the same time, a camera is activated so that the security officer can see the situation immediately via the camera image.

In principle, all events converge on the security monitor, regardless of whether sensitive company areas are protected with radio-networked locking units, classic access readers or whether doors and gates are to be opened with a smartphone via our ZEUS® smart ID app from a greater distance or conveniently from the vehicle.

With the ZEUS® Security Monitor, your security officers can effortlessly monitor all protected areas. For the implementation of new security concepts or as an extension of the existing ISGUS Access Control, the ISGUS sales center in your area will be happy to advise you on your individual solution package.