Events, seminars and webinars with and at the ISGUS Group

At ISGUS, we are also convinced that it is important to share our know-how and expertise. For this reason, we have launched various initiatives to deliver the best possible knowledge transfer to our customers. Our offerings include seminar series, ISGUS IMPULS Digital webinars, ISGUS InnovationS innovation days and trade fair appearances. This gives you the opportunity to acquire the knowledge that will help you move more efficiently and agilely in the digital working world, depending on your needs and time. Actively use these offers to close knowledge gaps and fully utilise the potential of our ZEUS® Workforce Management.

ZEUS® eXperience seminar
Our exclusive ZEUS® software seminars take place in our sales centres at various locations in Germany and are aimed at users from the HR department, IT and production. Participants have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the various functions of our workforce management solutions in depth and experience them in practice. Our seminars are aimed at both beginners and advanced users who want to deepen their knowledge and discover new possibilities. The "ZEUS® eXperience User Seminar" offers a comprehensive introduction to the many functions of our software solutions. Over a period of two days, the main modules and their possible applications are examined in order to give participants a deeper understanding of the software.

ISGUS IMPULS Digital - Flexibility for your time
With us, you have the opportunity to acquire your knowledge at your own pace. Our informative ISGUS IMPULS Digital webinars give you a quick and uncomplicated insight into our ZEUS® Workforce Management. Even if you are unable to attend our events live, we offer you the opportunity to watch the webinars as recordings at any time. You have the flexibility to access all the information as and when you need it. This means you are always up to date, whether it's about digital time recording, the new HR Management module for your HR department, the latest guidelines on electronic incapacity to work certificates (eAU) or Workforce Management in general.

ISGUS InnovationS - at three locations
Workforce management is of crucial importance in today's world. Efficient planning, transparent time recording, agile working models - all this and more is part of it. Our ISGUS InnovationS events go above and beyond to inform you about the latest trends and developments in this area. What moves you? Where is your company heading? These questions are at the centre of our event. We don't just want to talk about technologies and solutions, but above all about your individual challenges, goals and visions. Because only through dialogue can we develop the best possible solutions together.

Discover the future of the world of work at our trade fairs
Trade fair appearances play an important role in our endeavours to keep our customers and interested parties up to date with the latest trends in the digital world of work. We attach great importance to personal interaction and value direct dialogue with visitors. Our dedicated team is always on site when it comes to HR and communication solutions.

We want to help you gain a decisive overview of the market and exchange ideas about the trends of today and tomorrow. Be part of this exciting journey into the future of the world of work! We look forward to meeting you in person at our seminars, webinars, InnovationS or trade fairs and introducing you to our innovative solutions.