Access Controls from ISGUS make life easier

Consistent security concept ensures smooth building management

A building manager has many areas in view. Technology, infrastructure, administration and space management - everything needs to be regulated. The responsibility is great. After all, security for buildings, visitors and staff must be guaranteed at all times and at the same time comply with legal requirements. This can only be managed with a well thought-out security concept and needs digital support.

An essential factor in terms of building security is reliable access control. The ZEUS® Access Control system developed by ISGUS minimises the risk of vandalism or theft and protects sensitive data. For this reason, software-based access control or digital locking technologies are indispensable in companies as well as in public buildings. Depending on the building, security level and organisational structure, ISGUS provides various options for optimally securing a building.

Individual access profiles

Often different companies are housed in one building or the visitor traffic is so large that access to certain areas or rooms and entire building complexes must be clearly assigned. Which employee is assigned which user rights can be expertly regulated via an electronic locking plan. With the software, entire access profiles can be created, created at short notice and managed. If there is a change of personnel, the access profile can be transferred to the successor without any effort. The head office always retains the upper hand and can view and control access authorisations at any time. All processes are documented in the electronic locking plan. This ensures clear conditions.

Offline access control

Not every building or structural condition is suitable for a wired version of access control. Sometimes the access readers need "hard bandages" to protect them from the effects of violence. Other times, the focus is on the design, blending in unobtrusively with the surroundings. Regardless of the different requirements, all variants of offline ZEUS® Access Control offer the combination of access reader and digital locking system such as the ZEUS® keyless. Radio technology makes it possible for each self-contained locking unit, consisting of locking cylinder, SmartHandles and fitting reader, to be transmitted and validated via a transponder. All that is needed is a badge or a transponder, which also functions as a time recording device.

Double security and red alert

Biometric verification via fingerprint in combination with an additional PIN entry via a transponder provides double security for access to a building or room. Unwelcome visitors are definitely not allowed to enter specially protected areas. In addition, highly sensitive alarm signals can be installed to inform the access control centre or the building manager in the event of unwanted access or emergency opening. Don't panic if the door and gate cannot be opened, because a panic PIN sends a direct message to the security service or the building manager via SMS on the mobile phone.

Everything under control - ZEUS® Security Monitor

The ZEUS® Security Monitor is where all the threads come together. Here, various security areas are mapped on a building plan. This is a considerable advantage for the building manager, because it allows him to link various data points such as doors, windows, locks and cameras and to display them clearly on a dashboard. A door that has not been closed properly, a gate that is stuck, a dark corner that is haunted by unwelcome residents are now quickly identified and the security deficiencies can be remedied immediately.