Isgus Terminal

Series IT 4211,
IT 4211 FP

Easy commissioning via web server, secure access control via biometry

IT 4211 and IT 4211 FP for Access Control

  • Terminals for Access Control with verification or identifcation mode (IT 4211 FP)
  • Two finger templates per person can be used for verification or identification (IT 4211 FP)
  • Combined with ZEUS® biometrics integration into any security concept (IT 4211 FP)
  • Numeric keypad for verification or for PIN code entry
  • Recording of fingerprint data only possible on IT 8200 FP terminal (IT 4211 FP)
  • Door opening via integrated electronic relay or external door control (Device I/O Master / Slave) in the secured area
  • Status display and bookings acknowledgement via LED and acoustic signal
  • 2 inputs
  • Anti-tamper alarm device via case contact
  • Connection to terminal IT 8200 or ACM 40xx via network. TCP/IP or UDP possible
  • Multi-company feature for up to 10 different companies (IT 4211)
  • Easy and flexible installation

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