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Workforce Management in the South » ISGUS Stuttgart

ISGUS is one of the leading providers for digital workforce management systems worldwide. The software and hardware solutions from ISGUS perfectly complement each other to a modular system, with which all processes of staff schedulingtime management, and production data capture up to company security with visitor management can be displayed and automated in a digital manner.

A modern way of working is characterised by high flexibility, location-independent work and teamwork - often across national borders. Modern time recording systems must be correspondingly flexible. Individual working hours of different employment groups must be recorded in accordance with collective bargaining and legal regulations. Of course, this always takes into account the company's internal company and service agreements.

Advancing digitalisation enables a new form of time recording that meets both the demands of legislation and the demands of employers in terms of cost reduction, efficiency and flexibility. Modern, digital time recording is far more than "just" the automated recording of working hours.

With its current solution ZEUS® eXperience, ISGUS is one of the market and technology leaders of digital workforce management. The ISGUS solution is available in multiple languages and can be used on-premise or as Software as a Service in the ISGUS Cloud.

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What is Workforce Management from ISGUS?

Workforce management systems are firmly embedded in the everyday work of many employees to control and record work in progress. They are therefore often equated with systems for staff scheduling, but ISGUS workforce management is far more comprehensive. It combines individual modules and turns them into an interactive and highly individualised system, focusing not only on staff scheduling but also on time and attendanceproduction data capture and access control. It thus maps the complete management of your workforce, from individual working hours to efficiency with various rights and roles. 

So does workforce management save costs and increase efficiency?

The answer is definitely yes! All processes are optimised and accelerated. Workforce management should be coordinated exactly with the company's needs across departments. If these requirements are met, nothing stands in the way of success.

ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS

Workforce Management
time & attendance time & labour access control staff scheduling

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Software Solutions

Time & Attendance

ZEUS® Time & Attendance

A time-saving and reliable solution to optimize all Workforce Management tasks.

Access Control

ZEUS® Access Control

Round the clock security for your employees and guests – as well as 24/7 access control to secure buildings and office equipment.

Production Data Capture

ZEUS® Production Data Capture

Collect data on your projects and production processes to streamline and optimize your Key Performance Indicators.

Staff Scheduling

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling

Optimize your staff scheduling through demand-oriented workforce management.

SAP Communication

ZEUS® SAP Communication

Communicate ISGUS Time & Attendance and Access Control products effectively with SAP HCM.

Hardware solutions