ZEUS® keyless

Electronic locking systems

The electronic locking system ZEUS® keyless makes it possible to control and operate electronic locks. Electronic locks are operated with the same badges or transponders used for the ISGUS Time & Attendance terminals or Access Control readers.

Access authorisations are checked via wireless network (Access point) and / or transferred on badges / transponders (Access-on-Card) by means of the time recording terminal IT 8200. Authorisations are updated automatically with each time booking.

The electronic locking technology with VDS-certified locks for each door and in various design surfaces, with Smart Handles or furniture locks, provide security also for doors which are not directly connected to the Access Control system, i.e. remote doors, underground parking lots, cabinets or wardrobes.

The implementation of an electronic locking system allows step-by-step upgrading of existing door lock technologies and integration into your ZEUS® environment

Thus, only one system and one badge/transponder are used for both, Security and Time & Attendance in manufacturing, schools, universities or Public Administration.

With ZEUS® X keyless SMART you have a self-sufficient solution for managing offline locking units. Access authorisations are transferred on badges / transponders (Access-on-Card) by means of the time recording terminal IT 8200 and will be updated automatically with each time booking.


Visitor Management

Ease of use - provide security with a professional visitor management


Badge Personalisation

Employee badges with individual company design via ZEUS® picture



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