<strong>The best Time and Attendance » </strong>  for small and medium-sized enterprises

The best Time and Attendance » for small and medium-sized enterprises

A modern way of working is characterised by high flexibility, location-independent working and teamwork - often across national borders. Modern time recording systems must be designed to be correspondingly flexible. Individual working hours of different employment groups must be recorded in accordance with collective bargaining and legal regulations. Of course, this always takes into account the company's internal company and service agreements. Advancing digitalisation enables a new form of Time and Attendance that meets both the requirements of legislation and the demands of employers in terms of cost reduction, efficiency and flexibility. Modern, digital time recording is far more than "just" the automated recording of working hours.

Time and Attendance is an important part of every company. For small businesses, it is important to find a system that is efficient and cost-effective. Simplicity of use and a cost-effective solution also play a role. With the right time recording software, even small and medium-sized enterprises are able to document employees' work in compliance with the law (ECJ) and make it more efficient.

So it's time to get started and find the best time recording software for your business.



Due to the high practical relevance and performance of ZEUS® Time Recording, working time and absence management is reliably automated. Your effort for routine activities and control tasks is significantly reduced. Web-based workflows provide information and handle standard data maintenance processes transparently and economically - without the need for receipts, forms and queries to the HR department. The clear mapping of your company structure and organisation enables role-based inheritance of parameters. Working time and allocation models to downstream organisational units make new hires and transfers child's play.


Both management and employees have the information relevant to them in view at all times. At the workstation computer, multi-function terminal or on smartphone and tablet. Current data analyses, reports as well as planning and calendar overviews are always available everywhere. Automatic notifications and push messages inform automatically and in time before preset events / account balances are reached. Printing out and evaluating conventional lists becomes largely superfluous.


Via a variety of information options, at ISGUS terminals, by e-mail, mobile and via the internal messenger, employees and management obtain information directly and without having to consult the HR department or the supervisor. Communication between people and the system simplifies and accelerates coordination and approval processes. With workflows, team managers and interactive functions, such as shift exchange and digital shift swap, your employees independently and autonomously complete pending tasks in their decision-making area without losing transparency and control. All these functions are available for smartphones and tablets and make time management completely location-independent. Highly flexible work organisation, new work scenarios, work in the home office and mobile assignments can thus be easily planned and controlled.

Whitepaper on the individual solution for your Time & Attendance

Whitepaper on the individual solution for your Time & Attendance

You are interested in: ZEUS® Time and Attendance - the individual solution for all industries and company-sizes? Learn more about time management, which is exactly tailored to your needs, in our Whitepaper.

Digital time recording as a response to a changing working world


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