<strong>Sustainability</strong> is a key factor for</br><strong> a company's long-term success</strong>

Sustainability is a key factor for
a company's long-term success

In the meantime, the term sustainability has become more than just a trend for companies. It is a central component of the mission statement, strategy and business model. In sustainable companies, humane working conditions and ethics in business life have the same status as the economic goals, including the generation of profit. Thus, not only economic but also ecological and social aspects are included. Strategic sustainability improves efficiency and ensures that the company emits less emissions than its competitors. In addition, your company's image will improve due to satisfied customers who will choose a sustainable company when they have the opportunity to do so.

In this regard, the digital and powerful ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS meets all the new challenges that have arisen for companies and convinces through innovation and sustainability to ensure your company's success in the long term. Further modules of our ZEUS® Workforce Management such as ZEUS® Time and Attendance, ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, ZEUS® Access Control and ZEUS® Production Data Capture can be used to add digital value to your sustainable business.

Social sustainability - how to promote the work-life balance of your employees!

Flexible working time models and flexible workforce management systems offer many advantages for employees and companies. Satisfied employees feel more connected to their employer. A good work life balance of your employees strengthens their health and ensures lower absenteeism and absenteeism. With the ZEUS® mobile app, ISGUS offers you a time and attendance management system that can map all of this, combining all workforce management modules and making them available for mobile use. Highly individual and always up-to-date.

Mobile time management with the ISGUS app. See for yourself: