Small<strong> businesses rely on ISGUS</strong>  » more time for the core business

Small businesses rely on ISGUS » more time for the core business

In today's business world, time is a precious commodity, especially for small businesses. The challenges they face are often diverse and require maximum efficiency to remain competitive. That's exactly why more and more small businesses are turning to ISGUS' proven solutions. Our innovative technologies allow your business to spend more time on your core business. Here are some of the benefits ISGUS offers small businesses:

Efficient time recording: ISGUS time and attendance solutions automate the process of recording working hours and help small businesses save valuable working time. Employees can record their working hours easily and accurately, which makes payroll accounting easier and minimises errors.

Optimised staff scheduling: With our ZEUS® Staff Scheduling solution, small businesses can make the best use of their employee resources. This means that they have exactly the right number of employees in the right place at the right time, without over- or understaffing.

Secure access and building protection: The Access Control solution from ISGUS offers small businesses the opportunity to securely protect their business premises. Only authorised persons have access to sensitive areas, which increases security.

More transparency and control: ISGUS solutions offer small businesses the opportunity to make their business processes more transparent and controllable. You can track exactly how resources are being utilised and make adjustments if necessary. Our solutions are scalable and can be customised as your business grows. Whether you are just starting out or already expanding, ISGUS has the right tools.

Small businesses that rely on ISGUS gain more time for what really matters: their core business. We understand the challenges small businesses face and are proud to help you work more efficiently and competitively. With ISGUS, you'll have more time to focus on what you do best – running your business successfully.


ZEUS® Time and Attendance

Thanks to the high practical relevance and performance of ZEUS® Time and Attendance, working time and absence management is reliably automated. Your workload for routine activities and control tasks is significantly reduced. Web-based workflows provide information and complete standard data maintenance processes transparently and economically - without the need for receipts, forms and queries to the HR department. The clear mapping of your company structure and organisation enables the role-based inheritance of parameters. Working time and allocation models for downstream organisational units make new hires and transfers child's play.

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ZEUS® Access Control

A modern security concept is essential for companies and public buildings today. ZEUS® Access Control provides reliable, round-the-clock protection for your employees, guests, buildings and company equipment.

Your individual security requirements, the local conditions and the legal regulations for fire protection and escape routes must be taken into account. To ensure optimum security for your situation, we can advise you on transponder technology, the possibilities of biometric identification and the wide range of technical access control options.

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ZEUS® Staff Scheduling

Your employees are the most important asset in your company. This applies to industry, healthcare, the service sector as well as the public sector. Staff availability in terms of working hours and qualifications only ideally coincides with staff requirements based on service or opening hours, delivery dates or bed occupancy / care level.

When capacity utilisation fluctuates, it is often not possible to adjust the capacity of your own staff in good time. You react to increasing staffing requirements with overtime, temporary staff and temporary work, putting a strain on your success, while staff capacity and costs remain high when capacity utilisation is low.

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ZEUS® Production Data Capture

Current and reliable data from production is the prerequisite for analyzing manufacturing processes and procedures, determining key figures and optimizing production with targeted measures and reducing costs. ZEUS® Production Data Capture helps to identify and improve weak points and optimization potential in your production.

Production data collection is as individual as your company. We analyze the current situation and advise you on the design of a solution that suits your needs.

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