<strong>Simple solution for your personnel processes » </strong>for SMEs & start-ups with ISGUS

Simple solution for your personnel processes » for SMEs & start-ups with ISGUS

As an emerging start-up or established small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), you know how precious time and resources are. Intelligent and well thought-out staff scheduling is the key to optimising your work processes, increasing productivity and at the same time boosting your employee satisfaction.

Imagine what it would be like to leave the tedious manual planning of shift times and staff assignments behind and rely on an intelligent software solution instead. Our Staff Scheduling helps you to assign the right employee to the right place at the right time, while taking into account all legal requirements and employee preferences.

With the customised solutions from ISGUS, we offer you the ideal platform to master the challenges in staff scheduling and to raise your company's success to a new level. Our ZEUS® Staff Scheduling is scalable and flexible to meet the individual requirements of your company.

Influencing factors that ZEUS® Staff Scheduling takes into account are, for example, working hours and labour law regulations, time accounts, absenteeism, holiday planning, protection laws, personnel costs and future demand situations. Let us advise you individually for further details on our personnel planning. Combine our personnel scheduling with our terminals, which bear the "Made in Germany" seal.

Put an end to mistakes – use your time more efficiently and improve your staff deployments with ZEUS® Staff Scheduling.

Why should you use ZEUS® Staff Scheduling in your company? We will show you:

In our clip, the main focus is on staff scheduling, in addition to access control, and shows how easy shift planning is with our solution. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling takes into account all important parameters such as qualifications, absence scheduling, personal requests and employees' time accounts.

Through digital processes, ZEUS® Workforce Management ensures efficient and economical time management throughout the company. The planning effort is noticeably reduced by ZEUS® Staff Scheduling and the planning quality is improved at the same time.

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Whitepaper for today's Staff Scheduling - digital, simple & from any where

Whitepaper for today's Staff Scheduling - digital, simple & from any where

You are interested in: ZEUS® Staff Scheduling - efficient creation of duty and shift rosters? Learn more about the advantages and the scope of functions of staff scheduling in our whitepaper.

Digital Staff Scheduling: Use the resources personnel and working time more efficient



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