Ready for use in seconds at the click of a mouse » <strong>Time recording via app</strong>

Ready for use in seconds at the click of a mouse » Time recording via app

The mobile app from ISGUS allows you to book your time recording in seconds at the click of a mouse. With this app, which has been specially developed for smartphones and tablets, you can record your working hours from anywhere. Whether you're in the office or on the road – this app is always by your side.

This modern and fast method of time recording is an important part of workforce management from ISGUS. After all, accurate recording of working hours is essential, especially in light of the recent ECJ judgement. With the ISGUS Mobile App, you have full control over your working hours. You can easily clock in and out, record overtime and request holidays. All recorded data is stored securely in the ISGUS Cloud and can be accessed at any time.

The app's user interface is intuitively designed and does not require a long familiarisation period. Don't miss a minute – with the ISGUS Mobile App you always have your time recording at hand on your smartphone. Increase your efficiency and keep track of your working hours – no matter where you are.

Can be used in any industry

Discover the ZEUS® mobile app – the revolutionary solution for companies of any industry and size. Our ZEUS® mobile app offers a wide range of benefits. Whether you are a start-up or an established company, with our app you have the opportunity to increase your productivity and take your business to the next level.

Another unbeatable advantage of the ZEUS® mobile app is its flexibility. It adapts to any company, regardless of industry or company size. Whether you are a craftsman, a service provider or a city administration – our app offers customised solutions for your individual needs. You can personalise and adapt the app to optimally support your company's workflow.

Can be used in any industry

Innovative, efficient app

The rapid pace of change in the world of work calls for solutions that promote agility and effectiveness. Companies need innovative software solutions to optimise their work processes and enable employees to work more autonomously and independently. The ZEUS® mobile app from ISGUS is an elementary component of a comprehensive workforce management system.

This advanced technology revolutionises the world of work through the unrestricted use of time and attendance, staff scheduling and production data capture, regardless of location. ZEUS® mobile from ISGUS is a pioneering solution for modern workforce management.

Innovative, efficient app


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