Music of the future or reality »<strong> ISGUS solutions for a modern future</strong>

Music of the future or reality » ISGUS solutions for a modern future

At ISGUS, we believe that the future has already begun and that it is up to us to actively shape it. With our innovative solutions for a modern working environment, we want to support companies in meeting the requirements of the future. Whether Time and Attendance systems, Access Controls or mobile working time management tools - our products not only offer you more security and efficiency, but also flexibility and transparency. For many, the future is just a thought of possible, innovative technologies. ISGUS offers solutions for a future-orientated and modern world. With the efficient innovations from ISGUS, companies can utilise the digital transformation to achieve cost savings and increase their productivity.

With the ISGUS Cloud, you have access to all relevant information anytime and anywhere. Whether Time and Attendance, Staff Scheduling or Production Data Capture - everything is presented clearly and intuitively in a user-friendly interface. Thanks to our innovative technology, you can react flexibly to changes in your working environment. Our products support the New Work philosophy by taking into account the individual needs of your employees and giving them more freedom to organise their work.

Time and Attendance is precise and reliable, so you always have an overview of your employees' working hours. Automatic Staff Scheduling allows you to ensure that your resources are optimally utilised and bottlenecks are avoided. With our Access Control system, you always retain control over access to your premises. Ensure security and protect sensitive areas from unauthorised access. Production Data Capture enables you to record and analyse important key figures. This gives you valuable insights into your operational processes and allows you to make targeted improvements.

The ZEUS® product offers you a comprehensive range of functions and options to optimise your work processes. Utilise the future and make it a reality in your company. Increase efficiency, reduce costs and create a modern working environment for your employees.


ZEUS® Staff Scheduling
Create duty and shift plans efficiently thanks to ZEUS® Staff Scheduling...

ZEUS® Time and Attendance
With ZEUS® T&A you can solve all time recording tasks in a time-saving and reliable manner...

ZEUS® Production Data Capture
ZEUS® Production Data Capture makes your production data transparent...

ZEUS® Access Control
Security concepts for building, visitor and employee management...

ZEUS® Software as a Service
Outsourcing of ZEUS® Time and Attendance to the certified data center, the ISGUS Cloud...

SAP Communication
The certified ISGUS solution for SAP - optimal time recording for SAP users...

ZEUS® mobile
Work innovatively with the ISGUS app - your smart companion for time recording...


The benefits of ZEUS® are clear:

  • Easy to use: Thanks to our user-friendly interface, using ZEUS® is child's play.
  • Flexibility: You can customize your working hours and access them from anywhere.
  • Transparency: With ZEUS® you always have an overview of all relevant data and processes.
  • Security: Our solutions offer the highest standards in terms of data protection and data security.

Give progress a voice and let yourself be inspired by our vision of the future!


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