<strong>Modern booking media</strong> » in a digital working world

Modern booking media » in a digital working world

Discover the future of booking media from ISGUS on this page. Our variants offer you the latest technologies for a digital working environment. With our versatile functions, you will optimise your work processes and save time like never before. Whether you like to use your smartphone, prefer the practical mobile app or prefer to work on your PC – ZEUS® is always available.

We also offer high-quality terminals that enable fast and uncomplicated recording. No more tedious searching for the right ID or card – with ZEUS® picture you can identify yourself easily and securely. ZEUS® also offers a user-friendly solution on the PC. The client allows you to make bookings from the comfort of your desk and keep track of your working hours.

But that's not all – with ZEUS® mobile you can now also record your working time directly at the point of origin. No more cumbersome follow-up - you are always up-to-date and can manage your projects in real time.

IT 8210 Face Recognition

  • Contactless - Make bookings without contact at the terminal.

  • Fast - Authenticated in less than a second.

  • Accurate - 1:1 million false acceptance rate.

  • User control - Registration takes a few seconds and you are always in control.

  • Media-free - Book without an ID card, transponder, mobile phone, etc.

To the terminal

ZEUS® mobile App

Your reliable companion, even when you are offline. Your bookings are saved seamlessly on your mobile device, even if the server connection is temporarily interrupted. In offline mode, you have access to the previous day's results. The next time you synchronise, your bookings are securely transferred to the host and the offline data is updated. For our cloud customers in the ISGUS data centre, we offer a permanent online connection to your host. This gives you control at all times, no matter where you are.

To the app

My ZEUS® offers you all the important functions for a digital booking option on your PC


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