<strong>IT security</strong> in the modern<strong> ISGUS data centre</strong>

IT security in the modern ISGUS data centre

Data protection and data security are very important issues when recording your employees' time. Sensitive data such as time accounts, absences, personal vacation planning and calendar data must be handled with care. With the ISGUS data centre on German soil, German legal security applies. We therefore offer our SaaS (Software as a Service) customers absolute security. In addition, we at ISGUS take care of all the technical, financial and human resources that you spend on IT equipment, maintenance and system administration during in-house operation. Your ZEUS® solution (application and database) is always available to you without restriction around the clock (24 x 7).


The digital time recording of ISGUS is suitable for all industries and company sizes and can be individually designed. Thanks to the high practical relevance and performance of ZEUS® Time Recording, working hours and absences are reliably automated. As a result, your effort for routine activities is significantly reduced.

All these functions are available for smartphones and tablets on a mobile basis, making time management completely location-independent. Another advantage of ZEUS® Time & Attendance is the optimal interaction with ZEUS® Staff Scheduling.

Whitepaper about Software as a Service in the ISGUS Cloud

Whitepaper about Software as a Service in the ISGUS Cloud

You are interested in: ZEUS® SaaS - the digital time recording as cloud solution? Learn more about security and highest availability for your personnel data in the ISGUS data centre in our Whitepaper.