<strong> Digitalisation</strong> in<strong> HR</strong> with software solutions from <strong> ISGUS </strong>

Digitalisation in HR with software solutions from ISGUS

In today's society, the use of digital technologies continues to increase. As a result, processes are becoming more streamlined and transparent. If framework conditions in a company's human resources planning are not right, this can lead to a major challenge. Nowadays, HR managers have to take care of many things, they are the contact person for the management as well as for the employees. For new hires, they have to make sure which of the candidates has all the prerequisites to fit into the company and they have to supervise the employees on site.

With our ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS, your HR department is also equipped with intelligent and digital software solutions. ZEUS® Time & Attendance solves all your time management tasks in a time-saving and reliable way. Workflows, automatic notifications and interactive communication between human and system take care of standard processes that were previously only possible with a great deal of effort.

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling
Simple, digital and from anywhere - Today's digital workforce planning

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ZEUS® Time & Attendance
Digitally via smartphone or tablet, on the PC or via terminal - tailored to your needs...

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