Digital Staff Scheduling » <strong>Shift swap and Shift offer from ISGUS</strong>

Digital Staff Scheduling » Shift swap and Shift offer from ISGUS

Companies are under particular competitive pressure, which is often felt in one sensitive area: personnel costs. Employees are a company's most important resource and are largely responsible for its economic success. The trend of digitalisation, strongly accelerated by the Corona pandemic, is another challenge that must be mastered. Only if staff are deployed efficiently can successful action be taken in the long term.

ISGUS digital staff scheduling combines these two points perfectly. In ZEUS® you can plan upcoming shifts from anywhere and always have all necessary data at hand, such as the holiday planning of your employees or the current time balances, so that subsequent adjustments are unnecessary. With digital staff scheduling, staff bottlenecks can be quickly localised and directly eliminated. The possibilities of digital workforce planning reduce your planning effort and ultimately increase the efficiency of your entire company through the demand-oriented deployment of employees.

With the ISGUS solution, you also have an overview of all legal regulations and applied protection laws that apply to your medium-sized company and also include personal preferences of your employees. The shift offer and the interactive shift swap also enable you to react ideally to short-term absences, as both you as the planner and your employees can react.

Benefits of the digital Shift swap
and the digital Shift offer:


Die Besetzungsdetailanzeige verschafft dem Anwender per Maus-Klick alle Informationen zu Mitarbeiter, die in einer fraglichen Schicht oder auch in anderen Schichten eingeplant sind, sich nicht im Einsatz befinden, im Reservepool zur Verfügung stehen oder die auf einer Fehlzeit sind. Der Planer erhält also eine Vorschlagsliste anhand derer er, bei plötzlich eintretenden Engpässen, sofort Ersatzkräfte lokalisieren und direkt ansprechen kann, um den eingetretenen Personalausfall zu kompensieren.

The presence indicator board provides users with all information about employees that are scheduled for a fragile shift or a different shift, are not in use, are available in the reserve pool or are on an absence. The planner thus receives a list of suggestions, which he can use to immediately locate and directly address replacement staff in the event of sudden bottlenecks, in order to compensate for the staff shortage that has occurred.

The presence indicator board in ZEUS® eXperience suggests suitable substitutes in order to be able to react quickly and correctly in case of bottlenecks.
Interactively, the informed employees can accept or reject the offer. The planner can staff the shift transparently for everyone and without further effort through telephone calls, queries, etc.


The shift swap option allows employees, who cannot work their scheduled early, normal or late shift for whatever reason, to offer it to suitably qualified colleagues. Co-workers being prepared to swap the shift can declare their willingness in an interactive way. Finally, it is up to the planner to accept or refuse the shift swap request.

In principle, all those colleagues are eligible for a shift swap who belong to the same planning unit/department and, furthermore, are scheduled for the desired shift on the same day. Once an employee has triggered a shift swap request, all co-workers concerned will be automatically notified about a pending shift swap. They can directly declare their consent to the shift swap by clicking on the “Declare willingness to swap the shift” link embedded in the notification, for instance, via ZEUS® mobile.

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Why should you use ZEUS® Staff Scheduling in your company? We can show you:

The main focus in the latest video is on access control as well as on staff scheduling and shows you how easy shift planning is. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling takes into account all important parameters such as qualification, absence planning, time accounts and employees preferences. The presence staff display and the digital shift swap will help, if things don’t go according to plan.

Due to digital processes, ZEUS® Workforce Management enables an efficiently and economically time management. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling reduce the planning effort and improve the planning quality at the same time.

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