ZEUS® Workforce Management is a system-tested solution for easy handling of the eAU

On 21.12.2022, the eAU retrieval via ZEUS® eXperience was certified as planned by the ITSG (Informationstechnische Servicestelle der GKV). ZEUS® X is thus a system-tested solution and enables simple retrieval of the eAU directly from the GKV. ISGUS is listed in the GKV directory as a system-tested manufacturer.

The electronic certificate of incapacity for work (eAU) is an essential building block for the digitalisation of the working world. ISGUS offers the perfect software solution for the electronic certificate of incapacity for work for the HR department in companies and administration. Thanks to the high interface competence of ZEUS® Workforce Management, ISGUS customers will use the eAU effortlessly from 2023. The powerful software solutions from ISGUS make your everyday work easier and ensure increased productivity for your employees.

How is the electronic certificate of incapacity for work processed?

The insured person reports sick directly to his employer by telephone or e-mail. The certificate, however, only serves as proof for the insured person himself.

What is new since this year is that the employer must take care of the receipt of the sick note, which was previously the responsibility of the employee. In future, the employer must retrieve the eAU from the server of the statutory health insurance fund (GKV server) and will receive it as soon as the eAU of the employee concerned is available there. Before the eAU is retrieved, the legislator requires the employment relationship to be reconciled. For this purpose, ZEUS® takes over the specified master data of the sick person from the respective payroll programme via an interface.

Once the eAU has been retrieved via the system-tested ISGUS solution, the sick leave data is automatically entered into the personal calendars of the sick employees and the personnel managers are informed by e-mail and push message as soon as the eAU is available.

eAU statuses, such as "called off", "available", can also be called up at any time via ZEUS® X Reporting for the entire company or individual organisational units.

  • As the entire communication for the eAU retrieval takes place centrally via the ISGUS data centre, ISGUS customers have no effort and hassle with data transmission, certificates and their renewal.