ZEUS® Workforce Management for the right strategy

ZEUS® software solutions are not only intuitive and user-friendly, but also support HR professionals in implementing their workforce management strategy. The automatic time recording, the electronic personnel file and the simple vacation management significantly reduce the administrative effort. This leaves more time to concentrate on essential workforce management tasks. ZEUS® Time & Attendance and ZEUS® Staff Scheduling are trained to ensure that experienced personnel are available at the right time and in the right place. Workforce management strategies only achieve their goal when qualifications, tasks and work resources are optimally matched.  

Flexibility for every company size and industry
Flexibility is an important factor for both large companies and small businesses. One example is part-time or seasonal workers. Companies need to react to changes quickly and at short notice in order not to jeopardize operational processes. The ISGUS software modules are designed to be suitable for every industry and company size. Many years of experience, know-how and a lot of development work go into each module to ensure that they meet every requirement and situation. Whether large or small, ZEUS® Time & Attendance, ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, ZEUS® Access Control or ZEUS® Production Data Capture are ready to use individually or can be used as a whole to map the entire workflow process. The in-house ISGUS Cloud ZEUS® SaaS as well as ZEUS® Mobile App also offer the advantage of accessing all data from anywhere and at any time. This makes it extremely convenient for employees and supervisors to record working hours or process vacation requests while on the road.

Higher efficiency and better utilisation
With the right workforce management system, companies are able to react to changes in a very short time and allocate their workforce accordingly. The result is better utilisation of staff and higher productivity. HR managers maintain an overview at every stage and can concentrate on recruitment, the development of working time models and performance management. In the background, all processes from staff scheduling, time and attendance management to data analysis and reporting run fully automatically via ZEUS® software solutions.

Improving the employee experience and strengthening employee loyalty
A positive employee experience is more important today than ever and is part of any modern corporate culture. The employee experience encompasses all the experiences an employee has during their employment with a company, from recruitment through induction and day-to-day working life to termination of employment. There are many factors that influence the employee experience - working conditions, salary and compensation, promotion opportunities, leadership style, work-life balance, training and development opportunities, as well as the overall company culture and a well-designed onboarding programme. What counts are satisfied employees. Because satisfied employees are more productive, more committed and less inclined to leave the company. At the same time, they help to improve the company's image and build a strong employer brand that attracts and retains highly qualified employees. To take all these factors into account, HR managers rely on digital support. With ZEUS® Workforce Management, HR managers can take off when it comes to employee satisfaction.

Transparency and compliance
Transparency and trust not only promote employee retention, but are essential for companies. Compliance in workforce management is an important aspect that ensures that the company acts fairly and ethically towards its employees and adheres to all applicable regulations. By adhering to compliance regulations, the company can not only prevent legal problems, but also gain the trust of its employees and customers. Access to one's own data from anywhere and at any time as well as self-determined action can only be solved via secure software solutions such as the cloud ZEUS® SaaS and ZEUS® Mobile App. Data protection and security regulations are critical points that must be taken into account when selecting a software system. ISGUS is aware of this responsibility - solutions from ISGUS therefore comply with the high security regulations of the European legal system.