ZEUS® Worflow Management helps with paper shortages

Paper is scarce and becomes a valuable commodity

"72 per cent of industry businesses lost orders in 2022 due to a lack of paper. A short survey by the print and media associations in February 2022 shows the consequences of the paper shortage for industry businesses." This was the shocking news in the media a few months ago. Despite declining paper consumption, the situation remains tense. Price explosion, lack of recovered paper as well as the strong demand on the Chinese market are the drivers of this crisis.

Germany in austerity mode

Germany's economy is in economy mode. Restrictions in paper consumption are one way to slow down the rapidly rising costs to some extent. It is time to leave old habits behind and take full advantage of digitalisation. Many companies are not yet familiar with the useful tools, such as the ZEUS® software solution from ISGUS. Yet paper consumption could be set to zero in many areas and costs reduced as a result.

Communication via the data highway

Time & Attendance, Staff Scheduling and Plan Data Collection - paper-free in 2022 - no problem. What used to be done laboriously and manually on paper is now done by intelligent and nimble helpers such as ZEUS® Workflow Management. The work processes of yesteryear are often still the same, but in the age of digitalisation they are fully automated and can be recorded in the right place at the speed of light via the data highway. The ZEUS® Time & Attendance software module has already integrated standard processes and masters interactive communication between humans and the system to perfection. All processes and information are linked with each other so that, for example, collective bargaining and legal regulations or individual company agreements flow into payroll accounting without any intermediate stops.

Goodbye to wasted paper!

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling also helps to reduce paper consumption. Cumbersome paperwork is a thing of the past. Staff Scheduling runs directly through the system and brings all the necessary parameters, such as qualifications, time accounts, working hours, personnel costs, legal requirements and holiday planning, under one roof. Easy access to data and information via smartphone, tablet or PC makes outdated communication in printed form obsolete.

There are still many "paper hurdles" that can be removed from Plan Data Collection. After all, the processes in a production are individual and often very complex. It is therefore not surprising that paper is still in circulation in some production facilities. With ZEUS® Plan Data Collection, this can be avoided. The sophisticated software collects all relevant data and calculates important key figures on its own - fully automatically and paper-free.

For the sake of the environment

Sustainability and environmental protection are also high on the scale of values at ISGUS. By using the software solutions ZEUS® Time & Attendance, ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, ZEUS® Plan Data Collection, ISGUS not only contributes to reducing the high paper consumption, but also to protecting the environment. As an environmentally conscious company, ISGUS sees it as its duty to keep energy consumption at a low level despite the high data traffic during server use.