ZEUS® Time and Attendance brings dynamism to administrative processes

The tasks of a city administration go far beyond simply issuing identity cards and approving building permits. Ultimately, the activities in a city administration are labour-intensive, with numerous processes and a large number of staff. Many processes take place behind closed doors, but citizens are also involved in the entire administration. In order to maintain an overview in this complex environment, cities and municipalities rely on reliable time recording solutions such as those from ISGUS. The times when authorities and utilities fiddled around with outdated, paper-based systems should be a thing of the past. Today, progressive municipalities are characterised by modern working time models and use all the advantages of digitalisation to drive their processes forward.

Efficiently managing administrative costs
A major advantage of digital time recording is efficient administrative organisation. It enables accurate and complete recording of all working and project times and thus comprehensive control and data analysis. The recorded times are transferred directly to a central system and evaluated from there. This not only saves time, but also reduces potential sources of error that can occur when data is recorded and processed manually. When calculating costs and evaluating the profitability of projects, automated data processing is essential for controllers to reliably classify project times. Services rendered to customers or other departments are thus precisely mapped.

ZEUS® Time and Attendance Makes Mobile
ISGUS enables flexible use in different areas of a city administration. Employees are no longer bound to rigid office hours or to their workplace. Because ZEUS® Time and Attendance and ZEUS® mobile app make agile and mobile working possible - whether in the town hall, in the field or in the home office. Thanks to the mobile recording options from ISGUS, employees can work together regardless of their location. This facilitates communication and cooperation between different departments and locations. At the same time, customer service gains through better accessibility and higher quality. The result: satisfied citizens.

Saving resources
Thanks to the precise recording of working hours by the ZEUS® Time and Attendance software, possible discrepancies, such as overtime or understaffing, are detected at an early stage. Human resources managers can react in time and take measures to avoid bottlenecks and an overload of employees. A clear and always up-to-date display of the situation on the PC, tablet or smartphone involves employees in the processes and ensures a high level of transparency. This has a positive effect on the working atmosphere and also conserves valuable resources. Overall, the efficient administrative organisation through ISGUS digital time recording helps to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the quality of services. By optimising administrative processes, employees can concentrate more on their actual tasks and increase the efficiency of the entire organisation.

Expandable and individual
More than 2,500 federal and state authorities, municipalities and municipal utilities are already working successfully with ISGUS time recording and appreciate the modular system from ISGUS. Additional modules such as ZEUS® Staff Scheduling and ZEUS® Access Control can be integrated individually and as required. The complete ISGUS package enables public authorities and utilities to operate an effective workforce management system. It optimises workflows, increases productivity and reduces costs.