ZEUS® smartID - the app that opens doors

Access control the convenient way

Smartphones are our daily companions. More and more, mobile devices are becoming all-rounders and everyday helpers. For ISGUS, it was a clear decision to add another module to the ZEUS® access control software. An app, the ZEUS® smartID, now opens doors and gates and is new to the ISGUS security concept. All it needs is a smartphone with a Bluetooth interface.
It couldn't be simpler

Open the App Store, select ZEUS® smartID, install it and you're done. As soon as the Bluetooth connection is switched on and the correct data is stored in the system, doors and gates can be opened as if by magic. This has a not inconsiderable advantage, especially in logistics. Authorised persons can now open and close gates and barriers conveniently from a distance from the driver's cab. Time savings that can now be used for other activities.

Everything from a single source

What used to be done by the transponder is now done by the app. Forgotten or even lost your transponder again? With ZEUS® smartID, these problems are a thing of the past. As a rule, everyone has their smartphone at hand. This guarantees access to a building at any time. At the same time, the exchange between smartphone and software is subject to a special security system, so that the protection of the company and of persons is additionally secured.

Contactless and virus-free

Since the pandemic at the latest, everyone is aware of how quickly viruses and bacteria spread via contacts. More and more new hygiene concepts have been developed in recent years. With the app, you can bypass these measures. Because contactless opening means you don't come into contact with viruses and bacteria in the first place.