ZEUS® HR Management gives you wings

In the era of digital transformation, companies are increasingly reliant on optimising and automating their HR-related processes. With ZEUS® HR Management from ISGUS, companies are entering a new era of efficient personnel management. No more time-consuming document searches in outdated Personnel management – ZEUS® HR Management offers an innovative approach to modern personnel management. The software not only eliminates stress, but also the duplication of data records.

Seamless integration of process management
HR Management is a central component of personnel management. The seamless integration of employees into an organisation and a smooth exit are relevant for a seamless transition. The new ISGUS module makes process management even more convenient and unleashes the full potential of modern HR Management. The entire process for the induction of new employees is accelerated through the use of the software. This is because all the information and materials required for induction are in one place and are efficiently managed from there. ZEUS® HR Management makes it easy to customise schedules to the specific requirements of the company. This gives HR managers control over the entire personnel management process and allows them to customise it.

Efficient management of employee information
ZEUS® HR Management provides an efficient solution for managing employee information and eliminates tedious paperwork from the past. It enables seamless integration from recruiting, onboarding to leaving. With the help of the software, documents are automatically captured, transferred to various categories such as employment contracts, references and interview transcripts and organised. Thanks to the search function with customised filters by category, title or keyword, valuable time is no longer wasted searching for documents – instead, it can be used for more useful tasks.

Fast and efficient Personnel management
ZEUS® HR Management offers an automated Personnel management. In just a few steps, documents can be uploaded, categorised and archived, regardless of whether they relate to deadlines or workflow. Thanks to the automatic reminder function, deadlines are no longer overlooked and the user retains an overview at all times. The system also scores highly with automatic travel expense recording and the travel expense reimbursement process. Thanks to the high level of transparency, fast and direct invoicing is possible.

Companies that want to experience the quantum leap in HR processes should consider ZEUS® HR Management now. Thanks to automated processes and the seamless integration of data and workflows, the software unleashes the full potential of modern HR management. ZEUS® HR Management is the key to modern, efficient and future-orientated personnel management.