"Yellow slips" go into retirement

What lasts a long time finally comes true. After a long lead time, digitalisation in the healthcare sector has overcome the hurdles of bureaucracy. From January 2023, certificates of incapacity for work, eAUs, will be retrieved by employers in digital form via a central server of the statutory health insurance funds. Sickness notifications in paper form will then only be available on request as personal proof for employees. A phone call or e-mail to the employer is all that is needed.

ZEUS® Workforce Management goes hand in hand with health insurance IT

The electronic exchange of sensitive data between the SHI server and employers is only possible with a certified system. The Information Technology Service Centre of the Statutory Health Insurance, ITSG, is in control here and sets strict guidelines. ISGUS has taken on this procedure and developed corresponding interfaces between ZEUS® Workforce Management and the SHI server. ISGUS will thus be among the certified system providers this year. eAUs can thus be retrieved via ZEUS® Workforce Management in accordance with the legal requirements. The retrieval takes place via a 2-factor authentication and is secured against access by third parties. Only a limited number of defined persons receive information and are automatically informed when an eAU arrives.

ISGUS makes it easy for users

Companies working with ISGUS ZEUS® Workforce Management have it easy. Whether the data is on their own server or in the secure ISGUS Cloud, the eAUs are hosted centrally in the ISGUS data centre. This does not require a "third-party licence". This saves the service of a third-party provider. It also means that there is no need for duplicate data maintenance. The comparison of data between the GKV server and the payroll programme runs silently in the background, while the user works as usual with his clear menu structure. Unlike ordinary payroll programmes, ZEUS® Workforce Management is active around the clock, whereas simple programmes often only run at the end of the month.