Working with the ISGUS App

Mobile and location-independent booking of working hours and absences has become a standard in today's digitalised world. Mobile applications that also make workforce management available on smartphones and tablets are the perfect complement for employees in the field or with changing locations. With its own app, ZEUS® mobile, ISGUS also offers all employees convenient access via mobile device

In addition to the booking options for time recording, many options from the areas of staff scheduling and production data capture are also available. In this way, employees can conveniently and comfortably book themselves into jobs while on the move and record data directly where it is generated. In addition, the shift plan can be viewed and, for example, a desired shift can be entered. Supervisors are also informed about all requests via ZEUS® mobile and can approve them directly via the smartphone. This speeds up processes many times over and simplifies coordination

To prevent misuse of the app's functions, geo-location data can also be recorded. This is possible either directly for tracking during the booking, or already in advance, whereby certain zones, so-called geofences, are created. 

Working with the ISGUS app completes the digital workforce management and makes you and your employees completely location-independent. For this purpose, bookings are saved via ZEUS® mobile even if there is currently no internet connection. These are saved locally and synchronised with the next connection. Simplify your processes now with the convenient app from ISGUS.