Working time flexibilisation

The urge for flexibility and mobility becomes more and more important in the world of business. Not at least the corona crisis has given further impetus to this desire. The times of classical workplaces seems to be over. Effective working time is no longer related to attendance at work, but can also take place at the home office or on the road.

But home offices are not the only possibility how companies can offer more flexibility. There are further models how employer can accommodate to their employees and also consider the regulations of the working hours act. Therefore, the judgement of the ECJ from Mai 2019, which says that all working times need to be recorded, is a not negligible aspect. The different goals and design of the models expand the requirements for a time and attendance software, because they need to be as flexible as precise.

Exactly meeting the requirements of your industry a working time model can be found which offers immediately flexibility, like confidence-based working hours, a model that depends functionally on the order situation or one that is long-term oriented. Part-time models in which workers, jobs or entire positions are shared are also possible. An attendance system that documents this in a clear and legally compliant manner and thus gives transparency to the desired flexibility is a milestone in working time flexibilisation. With the ISGUS solution ZEUS® you have the ideal component by hand to meet all time management requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the office, in the production, on the market, in your home office or on the road, record your times wherever you are. Complemented by the further modules of the ISGUS Group, a holistic workforce management system arises, that gives you all freedom of working time flexibilisation.