Workforce Management: With security in the ISGUS Cloud

Record times, view data, optimize resources - the right solution for digitization

The advantages of time recording in the ISGUS Cloud as an alternative to a handwritten timesheet are manifold: You and your employees record the times quite incidentally. The ISGUS Workforce Management takes over the sorting of the entries to the respective employees and projects. You automatically receive an overview of the working times of your employees and the project times for individual customers and tasks. The recorded data on working times and projects are directly available thanks to the cloud.

How do you work with ZEUS® eXperience as a SaaS user?

SaaS customers access their ZEUS® system, hosted in the ISGUS data centre, via Internet. With ZEUS® as SaaS, you work as self-sufficient and individual as with an "inhouse solution". You are not just an anonymous data centre customer, but ISGUS is your active partner and the ISGUS sales centre in your vicinity is and stays your competent contact person from the first consultation. ISGUS takes over the customizing of the system, supports you with a hotline or remote maintenance and maintains the hardware used for time recording or access control.

Which cost advantages do you have as a SaaS user?

Our solution does not require you to invest in your own IT hardware, such as servers, operating systems, database licences, etc.! Likewise, there are no costs for maintaining and updating your own IT infrastructure! There are no investments in ZEUS® software licences and software updates! You always work in the ISGUS data centre with an up-to-date but also tested and secure programme version. There is no need for your own IT staff to carry out any administration, data backups, updates, etc. The introduction and ongoing operation of our solution can take place completely independently of your other IT projects. You shift the investment risk, because you only pay for the ongoing operation and do not make any advance financial payments. This improves your cost structure and gives you more planning security for your financial and budget planning!