Workforce Management - the control centre for agile project management

Faster, higher, further! It is human nature to always set out for new shores and to strive for something higher. Digitalisation has taken hold at a rapid pace and has long since overtaken the limits of what is humanly possible. What was still pie in the sky a few years ago is now reality. Today, intelligent software solutions take on complex tasks and act as a control centre in agile project management. For companies and public institutions, Workforce Management Systems are the linchpin for optimally organising work processes, Staff Scheduling and data transfer. The effort for personnel managers is thus minimised, while efficiency is increased. Savings in administration and planning of up to 80% are possible today. Automated processes are the guarantee for success, but the human factor must not be ignored when implementing a workforce management system.

Human factor
Even if artificial intelligence seems to be catching up with us, it is still people who make important decisions and pull the strings. Every company and every institution has its own structures and work processes and are man-made. Company or collective agreement regulations and staff deployment are only partially comparable and differ depending on size and sector. A system like ZEUS® Workforce Management needs certain parameters in order to be able to make individual adjustments and implement the project in the best possible way. Before the start of any project, it is worth describing and documenting individual work processes and interfaces. The more clearly the processes are regulated internally, the faster and easier it is to implement the system. After all, the entire organisation will be involved later and should be involved from the very first hour, from the start of the project.

The art of process optimisation
Workforce management is the fine art of process optimisation. Mapping standard and individual processes from different areas equally, transferring data and controlling them efficiently - this involves a lot of know-how and intelligence. Each area is well thought out. Time recording, payroll accounting, personnel deployment and Production Data Capture thus interlock perfectly and guarantee a continuous workflow. Standardised processes are stored in the ISGUS software modules and can easily transfer data from one module to another. Countless data are thus processed and output simultaneously. Working hours, employment groups or pay scales, holidays and flexitime are always at hand and are automatically imported into the payroll accounting programmes. Modern time recording systems, such as ZEUS® mobile, are further supports in the process landscape. Mobile Time and Attendance, from any location and from any device, not only saves time, but also makes the system extremely efficient. Equally valuable are the automated processes of ZEUS® Staff Scheduling. They manage to comprehend complex influencing factors in a matter of seconds and transfer them to different channels. Short-term changes to plans are possible within minutes.

Digital progress saves time and costs
The IT landscape of a workforce management system is becoming increasingly intertwined. The advances in digitalisation are enormous and are present in every software solution from ISGUS. Technically always on the ball, such a system now delivers incredible results. Companies that use a workflow management system today can save up to 60% of their costs. Through the digital support and optimisation of processes, the number of overtime hours has dropped to an average of 25%, while the savings rate of administrative effort is 80%.