Workforce Management in times of crisis

Companies in a wide range of industries are constantly facing new challenges, be it due to a change of employees, seasonal fluctuations or short economic slumps. Time and again, solutions are developed which help companies move forward in the short or long term. At present, everyone is struggling with the same problem: the Covid-19 crisis. Not only that many employees are no longer in the office for health and safety reasons, also progressive developments in recent years, such as globalisation, are changing things dramatically. Borders and merchandise routes were closed and many supply chains interrupted. How does a company deal with the sudden loss of two core resources?

Once again solutions are being sought. Not only scientists worldwide are searching for a solution to develop a vaccine, but also companies need alternatives to maintain profitability. The planning of personnel deployment is more complicated than ever. The staffing levels, which are basically already thin in many areas, have to be split up or may not work as usual for safety reasons. Further employees must be dismissed at least temporarily. The overview of who is available when and where is quickly lost, which leads to further productivity losses. Flexible workforce management systems that can be used on the move and provide clarity even in confusing times, are more in demand than ever.

With the ISGUS solutions for ZEUS® Staff Scheduling and time and attendance, you have the ability to implement this. All time management functions are feasible online or via app in addition to the static terminals. In the “presence” overview, you can then quickly and easily see who is available where and save yourself the tedious search for information. The Staff Scheduling is also flexibly adaptable to your needs and enables you to avoid over- or under-utilisation through perfect determination of personnel requirements. With the ISGUS System ZEUS® even temporary changes such as short-time work can be implemented. The ideal capacity planning optimizes your work processes, reduces personnel costs and increases the effectiveness of your company even in times of crisis.