Workforce Management brings operational requirements and individual needs under one roof

Intelligent software solutions gain importance in times of crisis

The nursing emergency and shortage of skilled workers often push personnel managers and staff to their limits. Is mobile and flexible working even possible in this tense situation without jeopardising operational processes? We say yes! Smart software solutions, such as ZEUS® Workforce Management, are made for this. Data from the ERP system, production planning, qualification as well as legal and collective agreement requirements are bundled into one system via various interfaces and brought down to a common denominator. The results are customised solutions that meet the demands of individual working time models and operational requirements. Especially in times of crisis, the use of intelligent software solutions is becoming more and more important.

Satisfaction and appreciation motivate

Digitalisation has made it possible for flexible working time models to be taken into account even in the event of staff shortages. Duty and shift schedules can be individually designed with the ZEUS® Workforce Management software modules. In this way, standard processes are mapped through automation and interactive communication, internal processes are optimised and individual needs are taken into account. Current information such as production planning, time balances, holiday and sickness levels are transparent and visible to everyone. Satisfaction, appreciation and loyalty are the bottom line and are an incentive for employees.

ZEUS® Time & Attendance brings calm to the workflow

In practice, the individual ZEUS® software modules ZEUS® Time & Attendance and ZEUS® Staff Scheduling are used, for example, in large care facilities or clinics. The staff use the user-friendly interface on the PC, tablet or smartphone to enter their desired working hours, shifts or working days. The system works on the basis of this data and automatically creates a daily duty roster, taking into account time and holiday balances. Several working time models, whether short- or long-term work accounts, are stored and individual needs are taken into account. In this way, possible bottlenecks and double shifts can be avoided. The daily routine becomes much more relaxed and brings peace into the workflow.

Everything under control

Staff shortages must not be at the expense of employees. This also plays a major role in industrial companies. ZEUS® Time & Attendance from ISGUS manages to combine different processes such as operational requirements, personnel deployment and time management, taking into account collective bargaining and legal regulations and qualification. Despite thin staffing levels, the system meets both staffing demands and the requirements of the companies. Commercial teams or production staff also have the opportunity to actively participate in planning and processes via a terminal. Independent planning, interaction and personal responsibility are clear competitive advantages that have a positive effect on the quality of the workforce and significantly reduce sick leave.

ZEUS® App when things have to happen quickly

Unplanned events cannot be avoided. Employees must be able to react quickly to changes at short notice and communicate with superiors and colleagues without barriers. The ZEUS® App is equipped to meet this requirement. Mobile access to different accounts not only saves time and money, but also makes agile working possible. Access to a shift swap exchange is one of the special advantages of this app, which is appreciated by the workforce and supervisors. Unnecessarily long distances and cumbersome planning are a thing of the past. A short input is enough and the colleagues have the information directly on their "screen".

Flexibility, personal responsibility and self-determination in harmony with entrepreneurial conditions meet our zeitgeist and promote team spirit. Especially in crisis situations, this is what makes the difference and contributes to success.