Work Life Balance at Home office

Corona crisis forces companies worldwide to abandon or rethink previous processes and to react flexibly to new situations. Some companies have found the perfect solution in home offices, at least temporarily. So you minimize social contact, which reduces the risk of infection. A resulting problem: for some employees it is hard to separate between professional and private life.

The separation between working time and private leisure isn’t that clear as it was before the crisis occurred. Even other aspects effected by the global pandemic, like missing childcare, lead employees wanting more flexibility. This increases the requirement for Time & Attendance and Staff Scheduling. Mobile workforce management provides clarity, therefore providing a goal-prominent solution. Employees can operate flexible time bookings, watch flexi times, requests workflows or display the presence indicator board. All of this is enabled with hardware terminals on premises, at home with the ISGUS web terminal or flexible and mobile about the ISGUS App ZEUS® X mobile.

Subsequently companies can authorize more flexibility without the huge effort involved of an installation and without losing the functionality of the workforce management. This offers the potential to employees, to use their time more practically and to enjoy a high work life balance, even in home offices.