Why should you use ZEUS® Staff Scheduling in your company?

Up to date Staff Scheduling - digital, simple & from anywhere, because your employees are the most important asset in your company! This is true in manufacturing, healthcare, the service sector as well as in the public sector. Staff availability according to working hours and qualifications only ideally coincides with staff requirements from service or opening hours, delivery dates or from bed occupancy / care level.

In case of fluctuations in workload, the capacity of your own staff often cannot be adjusted in time. You react to increasing staff requirements with overtime, temporary staff and temporary employment and burden your success, while staff capacity and costs remain high when utilisation is low. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling helps you to plan optimally so that you have the necessary staff with the required qualifications available when you need them to achieve your goals in terms of service quality, customer orientation and delivery reliability.

The advantages of ZEUS® Staff Scheduling are obvious - see all the important information for you at a glance in our video.