Whether classic or digital biometric - in any case always reliable and secure. Modern administration with different booking media

Time recording and access control offered by ISGUS are an unbeatable team.

As an integral part of ZEUS® Workforce Management, both modules are designed to enable employees to record their working hours, capture production data or open barriers and doors through reliable identification by means of a transponder, via smartphone, through digital fingerprint or face recognition. Today we will show you the manifold options the digital solution of ISGUS can offer you. The classical variant of identification is contactless where individually designed security badges or transponders are presented at ISGUS terminals and access readers.

The transponder-based identification allows employees to benefit from advanced functions such as intuitive workflows or retrieval of up-to-the minute information directly at the terminal. Accessibility for the visually impaired is also provided by the smart ISGUS terminals. Forgotten the transponder at home? No problem, because there's one thing everyone always has at hand: one’s own smartphone! The ISGUS app “ZEUS® smartID” allows your employees to book via Bluetooth at all ISGUS terminals. The greater range compared to the conventional transponder method increases the ease of use even further. This is particularly interesting for access control applications where rolling gates and barriers need to be opened from greater distances. And what about identification without transponder? No problem – this is where the biometrics from ISGUS come into play. Unambiguous identification is possible either via digital fingerprint or via face recognition. Two cameras working in parallel ensure best recognition rates – even with mask.

As a complement to the ISGUS product range in the area of corporate security, electronic locking cylinders and Smart Handles provide the perfect solution for doors without wiring. With ZEUS® mobile, time management functions, like the Presence Indicator Board with its useful filter options or the intuitive shift swap function, can be used anywhere via smartphone or tablet. Of course, this app can also be used to reliably record working hours and orders. In doing so, the user enjoys the same comfort and convenience on the smartphone as on any ISGUS terminal.

Last but not least, employees also have the option of booking working times in “My ZEUS®” on a web terminal by calling up ZEUS® Time & Attendance via any browser. With ISGUS, any user will find the ideal solution that best suits his or her company and the prevailing operating conditions. Whether in the office, in the production area, in the home office or in the branch, with ISGUS, the implementation of the European Court of Justice ruling on time recording can be easily managed. This is also the case for access control, which helps you protect your company and your employees.

Let us advise you and boost your employees’ motivation with flexible and tailor-made solutions.