Web-based time tracking

Traditional time recording is done on permanently mounted terminals, which can be used to record clock-in and clock-out times. However, these solutions are becoming increasingly unwieldy, especially due to changing work locations, as working times have to be noted and entered separately. With online time recording via web terminals, you can easily overcome this problem. 

The web-based time recording from ISGUS is easily available via any browser and employees and supervisors have all time recording functions directly at their fingertips. In addition to the bookings for the start and end of work as well as the corresponding breaks, it is also possible to make requests or view the personal balance without any problems. Supervisors or persons in charge can also create evaluations and easily export them in various data formats for precise analysis. The clear presentation on the web terminal facilitates your work and helps you easily get to the things you need at the moment. 

In addition to time recording, the other modules of ZEUS® Workforce Management can also be used web-based. In staff scheduling, the planner can easily access all employee data and thus optimally staff the different shifts. He is supported in this by the desired shift schedule, in which the employees can directly enter their preferred duties for the next planning cycle. The digital offer is rounded off by notifications that inform you about various predefined events and thus make your daily work routine even more comfortable.