We roll out the red carpet for recruiters!

Workforce management has many facets. Time and Attendance, Staff Scheduling, Production Data Capture, Access Control and HR management. "We roll out the red carpet for HR managers!" In line with this motto, ISGUS is now launching a complete digital package on the market. The innovation is ZEUS® HR Management, which has been specially developed for the digital administration of HR processes and tailored specifically to the requirements of HR. The new concept enables HR managers to automate additional processes, which not only saves time but also increases accuracy and efficiency.

ZEUS® HR Management is a prime example of digital transformation. ISGUS approached the project with fresh ideas and a new perspective and has reorganised the digital workflow in HR for HR managers. From Personnel Management to Process Management, this element comprises four individual modules.  

Introducing: The Personnel Management in ZEUS® HR Management
HR Management systems must not only be secure, but also efficient. The unnecessary duplication of data maintenance and administration is burdensome and uneconomical in today's world. This is where our innovative ZEUS® software solution comes into play. The centrepiece, the Personnel Management, enables companies to create, maintain and manage personnel information in one central location. The benefits of this tool are manifold and help to save time and resources while keeping data secure and legally compliant.

Centralised management and quick access to employee data
With the Personnel Management in ZEUS® HR Management, you can manage all employee data centrally and filter it effortlessly according to your requirements. This centralised data management allows you to create analyses quickly and keep track of the most important information. Thanks to the search function, your database is searched in a matter of seconds. This means less time-consuming manual data entry and more time for strategic decisions.

Clear filing and flexible access control
Our software is characterised by a clear filing structure. All employee data is structured according to a standardised scheme and is easy to find. Access control can be individually adapted to the needs of your company so that only authorised persons have access to the data. This makes worries about lost or incorrectly filed information a thing of the past.

Personnel Management for time savings
With the Personnel Management in ZEUS® HR Management, you have everything you need under control. Documents, qualifications, certificates and much more are stored centrally and can be retrieved at any time with just one click. Changes and edited documents are automatically saved and archived with the help of the second module, digital personnel file. The intuitive user interface significantly reduces the administrative workload and saves valuable time.

Error-free and complete data management
ZEUS® HR Management ensures that all data is managed correctly and completely. You can be sure that all information is always up to date. Important dates such as deadlines, contract extensions or anniversaries are automatically recorded and displayed. This prevents important events from being overlooked.

Legally compliant data management
Another decisive advantage of the digital personnel file is legally compliant data management. Data protection and compliance are of paramount importance in today's business world. Our software helps you to take responsibility. All data in our system is stored securely and can only be viewed by authorised persons.

With ZEUS® HR Management, ISGUS has developed a concept that is changing the way companies operate workforce management. By focusing on the needs of HR and introducing digitalisation and automation, ISGUS is bringing a breath of fresh air to the HR world. The benefits in terms of time savings, accuracy, efficiency and employee satisfaction make this concept a game-changing innovation for organisations looking for innovative HR Management solutions. The red carpet is being rolled out and ISGUS is inviting companies to step into the future of HR Management.