Using cloud advantages for workforce management

Increasing demands on workforce management systems are keeping project managers in companies busy. This is not only about the actual software, but also about the peripherals that such a system needs. Hosting the software in an external data centre has become more than just an alternative.

The desire for flexible, digital working and mobile data access is widespread and growing in companies in a wide range of industries. Being able to call up time recording or staff scheduling data on the move offers many advantages for supervisors and employees alike, as a constant flow of information can be guaranteed. In a company's own data centre, there are often a few hurdles to overcome before this can function smoothly. These hurdles often result in high costs and a lot of installation work. It is easier to use the ISGUS Cloud as an outsourcing solution. The certified data centre of ISGUS bundles the most important requirements such as standardisation, scaling and automation and pairs this with optimal security for your data.

The trend for mobility in workforce management is also undeniable. Using workforce management in the ISGUS Cloud and thus having the option of accessing your own data at any time and from any device supports you in this endeavour. This solution is ideally complemented by the ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile, which makes workforce management mobile for smartphones and tablets.

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