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Digitization within German companies is progressing steadily, but many companies are not using the resulting potential. There is no question that the pandemic is acting like a catalyst for digitization and is changing many processes in the long term. Nevertheless, companies are still hesitant and skeptical about digital change. One of the major obstacles is often the change to a digital business model and a missing digitization strategy. On the other hand, there are high investment costs in a modern IT infrastructure and present companies with new challenges.

Exactly for this ISGUS offers the right solution with its own data center. ZEUS® SaaS helps you to improve your cost structure and at the same time provides more planning security for your IT budget. There are no high investment costs in your own IT, since you use the latest technology in the ISGUS data center based on the license agreement and the SaaS fees. You use our web-based solution ZEUS® just as independently and individually as in the case of an in-house application. You are not an anonymous data center customer at ISGUS, because your regional ISGUS sales center on site, as your competent contact person, takes over the individual customizing of your system, trains and supports you within the hotline. What you no longer have to worry about with our SaaS model are all the technical, financial and human resources that you use for in-house operation for IT equipment, maintenance and system administration. In addition, our data center is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and offers maximum security.

ISGUS redefines Workforce Management with ZEUS® eXperience! The use of digital ZEUS® Workforce Management in the ISGUS Cloud is an absolute specialty and gives your company competitive advantages. Especially in fast-moving economic sectors, you benefit from the 99.5 percent availability of the ISGUS data center and receive information in real time.